GOOD ART HLYWD x ceramrap

I'm beyond excited to announce that my collaboration with GOOD ART HLYWD is now available for purchase. Based on a scaled-down version of my classic match striker ceramic boot, GOOD ART HLYWD and I have designed and produced a lighter case perfectly sized to fit a mini Bic lighter. It is made entirely of sterling silver, is weighted just right, works like a charm, and is a joy to hold in your hands. Find yours at GOOD ART HLYWD


As Josh Warner, the founder of GOOD ART HLYWD, says in regard to the beautiful objects he's designed and sold since 1990, the necessity of each "is an absurd question, but the joy of its luxury is an experience to relish. The degree to which an object can communicate or evoke a state of mind is a mark of its magnitude. Art is communication, and art has the ability to affect how you feel. Just as a work of art can uplift the spirit, so too can an everyday object bring joy well beyond its function. And if it does, it may well be art even if it looks like a key chain. It’s a virtuous pursuit creating goods wrought for beauty and to uplift the spirit. Only a pirate has the moxie to trade a fortune for a trinket, and that's the sort who'll squeeze pleasure from the finest details of life."