Spring break! All orders will be shipped out on March 24th.
Spring break! All orders will be shipped out on March 24th.
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Policies/Other Info

Small ceramic boots of various colors arranged flat on a table

Please review this entire purchase policy before making any purchases. If you choose to purchase an item, you should know that these are one-of-a-kind ceramics made by me at my local pottery studio. Each will be unique in various ways. Because they are made of clay, covered in a glaze, and then fired in a kiln at temperatures in excess of 2,300° Fahrenheit, the final results will always vary slightly (whether it be in terms of size, color, texture, or any of a dozen other attributes). There are a whole host of factors that can contribute to these variations, some of which are the humidity of the clay, the consistency/recipe of the glaze, and even the specific location within the kiln where the item was placed prior to firing.

You should expect some level of imperfection. This is exactly what makes them special! I am proud of each item I put up for sale. I hope you love the item you receive and treasure it for years to come. 

Please note that all sales are final. As a very small operation, I'm unable to accommodate returns or exchanges. If you have any questions for me prior to purchasing an item, please send a DM to @ceramrap on Instagram or an email to cmn317@gmail.com.

When I ship items out to customers, I pack them up very well and they are highly unlikely to be damaged. However, accidents do happen. If your item arrives broken, please contact me within three days of you receiving your item. If you think the item you've received is defective in some other way, please also contact me within three days. After those three days, I will be unable to help you. 

Thank you for your understanding!

All the best,

Christine :)